Parts from all of our other departments meet in our Welding and Brazing Department. Our experienced team of welders, coupled with carefully designed and built fixtures and processes join to deliver quality welded and brazed assemblies. Why go to two or three vendors instead of just one? Instead of getting a machined part from one supplier and a fabrication or stamping from another, then going to a third to weld them all together, let us produce the complete product – and get it painted or plated as well!

Both MIG and TIG welding are offered for steel, aluminum and stainless, and silver brazing is provided for joining in a variety of applications. Projection welding, weld studs and weld nuts are not a problem either. While we still do a great deal of manual welding, we’ve been robotically welding since 1999 with our OTC and Lincoln welding stations. Whatever the scale of the job, we provide our customers with the most efficient, cost effective, state of the art approach to this discipline possible. Please see our Facility List for a detailed breakdown of our welding and brazing equipment.

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