In a diverse metalworking company like K & S Tool and Manufacturing, our Tool and Die Department performs many functions. Naturally, the building of new tools, jigs, dies and fixtures is done here. All tooling, whether they are customer owned or our own, are maintained here. Tooling entrusted to us by our customers is carefully catalogued and maintained to at least its originally received condition or better, for the life that we have it. The Tool and Die department also assists in the development of new products and processes.

Some projects require tooling to be built from the very outset, while others may start out their life cycle as fabrications, then move to a more sophisticated form of tooling as they ramp up. Because we can handle both approaches, we can give you maximum flexibility as to the timing for this transition. In many cases we can build temporary tooling at a lower cost to bridge this transition from prototype to full production as well.

Our tooling design team works in a variety of CAD formats and if we can get a 3D model of your product it gives us the very best tools to work with to produce tooling for your project. Whether it is a complex, multi-station progressive die, or a sturdy fixture for a machining center, or a simple jig to hold parts together for spotwelding, our tool and die team can get the job done for you!

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