Many times new product starts out in our Fabrication Department during development, but once that process is complete and the design is mature, if the volume supports it we need to stamp it in presses for maximum cost efficiency. When you work with K & S Tool, this is a simple transition because we can handle it all within our company. Our Tool and Die Department will construct a quality stamping tooling arrangement and we will move the manufacturing to our Metal Stamping Department.

Our Metal Stamping Department has a wide range of capabilities. Our presses range from small tonnage secondary operation presses, to straight side presses in the hundreds of tons. We have coil handling, straightening and feeding equipment for progressive and compound blanking dies to receive coil fed material. We do drawing, blanking, coining, forming and other stamping operations. We use OBI, straight side, and hydraulic presses. We handle both small and large lot sizes. Please click on our Facility list for a detail breakdown of our press sizes and tonnages.

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