At K & S Tool and Manufacturing, we want to provide as complete a product as you desire. Our Assembly department achieves this by pulling together parts from all other departments as well as purchased parts and hardware, then assembling them together to send you a product that is closer to your final product than ever. We use hollow riveting, orbital riveting, and pop riveting as well as staking, projection welding, spot welding, soldering, fastening with screws, pins, bolts and other fasteners.

More and more of our customers want a more fully assembled product that can arrive at the assembly line at a farther point down the process. You may have small subassembly areas off to one side of the main assembly line that combine parts and bring them to the main line. We can help you move that pre-assembly area off your shop floor. If there are parts in the assembly that are procured from other suppliers, no problem – we will honor those commitments for you and take over the planning and procurement process if that is what suits you best. Let us help you streamline your operation and make your line as lean as possible!

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