Our company has grown through the years to be located on two campuses within three miles of one another – Hendrix and Elon. Operations are housed in five plant buildings, totaling just under 90,000 square feet.

Plant 1 – 614 Hendrix Street – 34,240 sq ft
This plant is our headquarters location and is the home of our main offices for management and administration. In this facility we also do our precision CNC machining, our metal stamping and miscellaneous machining. Our Quality Assurance Manager and his staff are centered here in our main QA lab. In addition, some welding and assembly are performed here as well as at other plants.

Plant 2 – 612 Hendrix Street – 13,800 sq ft
Located adjacent to Plant 1, in this facility we do most of our shipping and receiving. The majority of our finished goods warehousing is done here and some first operation steps such as sawing and shearing are performed in this building. Our materials procurement group under the supervision of our Materials Manager also call Plant 2 home.

Plant 3 – 1249 Elon Place – 19,200 sq ft
In 1999 we created Plant 3 to provide a home for our expanding sheet metal fabrication operations. Our turret presses, lasers and press brakes operate in this facility along with some related welding functions. In addition, our fabrication engineers operate out of this facility and quality assurance functions under there direction are performed here as well.

Plant 4 – 1253 Elon Place – 10,000 sq ft
Plant 4 was opened to create space for expanding welding operations. While some welding operations are also done at Plants 1 and 3 as appropriate to create a cellular operation in those plants, Plant 4 is dedicated to welding operations and is the home of most of our robotic welding equipment as well as some manual welding booths.

Plant 5 – 1235 Elon Place – 12,000 sq ft
Our most recently opened plant facility, Plant 5 is ample space for our expanding and growing mechanical assembly business. As more and more of our customers have requested that we provide more fully assembled product to them, we recognized the need for space to create optimal workflow and to segregate this finished product from other plant areas that might cause contamination.

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