If you are searching for a supplier to provide your manufactured assemblies and components, consider K & S Tool and Manufacturing. Located in High Point, North Carolina but meshed with the global market, we have the equipment and experience to serve you when quality, accuracy and cost control are your primary concerns.

Quality Manufacturing
Quality is the essential mission in our manufacturing. We build quality into our processes. Our pledge to you is that quality will not be secondary to any other aspect of our relationship. When you buy from us, the quality will show not just on the surface, but in the way our product performs in your final assembly. Even better – this quality will continue long after the first order is shipped. It will be there with every shipment.

Broad Capabilities
Take a look under the hood – we have a lot of horsepower when it comes to manufacturing. Yes, we are a metal manufacturing company. We fabricate, machine, stamp, and weld, but we do more. We are a fully integrated assembly company, capable of bringing together metal components with other products to deliver a more completely assembled product further down your assembly line than ever before.

True Partnership
There’s no K & S brand widget here - we don’t make a product of our own. This means our focus is on you; our success is joined with yours. In order for us to get more market share, we have to help you get more market share. We profit when you do. We want to be more than just detached suppliers – we want to understand your business challenges and opportunities.

Global Innovation
Manufacturing is a global enterprise. We embrace this fact. We ship to countries in all hemispheres and we use suppliers worldwide to provide best cost sourcing for you. Our goal is to learn what niches you need us to fill, then leverage the best aspects of the global market to serve that niche.

Ethical Practices
We believe that you can run a competitive business but still maintain a strong ethic for dealing with your customers, suppliers and employees. It is important to us to treat our partners at all levels with integrity and honesty. We want a safe workplace and open relationships with our employees and we want our suppliers and customers to know that they are being dealt with fairly by anyone working at K & S Tool and Manufacturing.

Interested? Please visit the rest of our website to learn more about the wide variety of services we have to offer. Learn in detail about our approach to quality both as a functional service and as a core philosophy. Let us show you how we can bring more to the relationship than most suppliers in our industry. When you’re done, please contact us to visit and learn more about K & S Tool and Manufacturing today!

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